how to organize screwdrivers in a tool bag

How To Organize Screwdrivers In A Tool Bag

How do you organize your screwdriver collection? I have about 50 different types of screwdrivers and need some organizational ideas for them. I don’t want to just throw them all into one big mess, but also not be able to find the right size or type when needed. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

use small plastic box

I use a small plastic box with dividers that holds my tools by size. The smaller ones go on top, the larger ones go on the bottom. This way, I can see what is where without having to dig through everything.

I keep mine in a large plastic bin with dividers. They are sorted by size (smallest first) and then by brand/type. It’s worked out well so far.


They are basically a 2×2″ square box with holes drilled in it. I put screws in those holes and then hung them from the ceiling using clothespins. They stay up there until they fall apart, which usually takes about 6 months. Then I toss them away.

I’m sure this has been asked before, but here goes anyway. I keep my screwdrivers in a 3 drawer organizer. Each drawer has a label on the front and the back. In the middle drawer, I keep the smallest screwdrivers, and the largest in the other two drawers. My biggest problem was finding the right-sized screwdrivers for the jobs I had. If you have more than one person working on a project, make sure you have enough sizes available.

This may seem like an odd solution, but I keep my screwdrivers organized in the same manner as my knives. I have a knife block set up on my countertop. It contains four sets of eight knives.

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One set is labeled “Kitchen”, another “Utensils”, etc. I have a similar system for my screwdrivers. I keep the smallest in the Kitchen set, mediums in the Utensil set, and the rest in the General set. When I need a specific size screwdriver, I look in the appropriate set until I find the correct size.

screwdrivers in a tool bag

This is a really old thread, but I thought I’d add my own answer. I use a simple wooden tray, divided into sections by color. Screwdrivers are placed in their respective section based on size. Smaller screwdrivers are kept together, while larger screwdrivers are kept separate. This works very well for me, especially since I travel often and need to pack my screwdrivers.

I use a couple of boxes. The first holds the smallest screwdrivers, the second holds the larger screwdrivers. I keep a few extra screwdrivers in my pocket.

I have a magnetic board mounted on my wall. On it, I have magnets for every size screwdriver I own. The magnetized side faces the wall. I place the screwdrivers on the board according to size, keeping the smallest on the left and the largest on the right.

The screwdrivers are stored in a metal container. There are slots cut into the lid for each size of screwdriver. I keep the smallest screwdriver in the slot closest to the edge of the lid. The next size up is in the slot next to it, and so on.

The small ones go in the top compartment, the big ones go in the bottom. I also have a smaller compartment for the Phillips-head screwdrivers.

A good way to store your screwdrivers is in a plastic bin that can be locked shut. You can buy these at any hardware store or home improvement center. I keep mine in the garage, where it’s easy to get to. The bin itself will hold your smallest screwdrivers, and the smaller bins inside will hold the others. This keeps everything nice and neat.

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If you don’t want to invest in a bin, just take a piece of plywood and drill some holes in it. Put a screw through the hole in the plywood and attach it to something sturdy (like a shelf). Now you’ve got a handy little storage unit for all your screwdrivers!

A good tip is to keep your screwdrivers in a zip-lock bag. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting when you open the bag. Also, if you keep them in a zip lock, you won’t lose track of which screwdriver belongs to which job.

My favorite method is to keep them in a clear plastic tub. I keep the smallest on the left, the middle-sized on the right, and then the biggest on the far end. Each screwdriver has its own label with the name of the project and the type of screwdriver needed.

One thing I like about the plastic tubs is that you can see what’s inside without having to open it. And you can easily tell which screwdriver goes with which job.

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